Do I need a visa to enter Georgia?

You can check it on: www.visahq.com

Which mobile operators work in Georgia?

Three mobile companies, Magti, Geocell and Beeline are operating in Georgia. You can buy Sim card either in the Airport or in the companies’ offices that are located in all the central streets of big cities

Where can I use my banking card?

You can use your card in all restaurants, cafes, hotels and almost in all shops, but always take some money with you as, for instance, taxies don’t accept the card and if you are in the small villages and mountain places, post terminals and ATMs may not be available.

In case of emergency, on what number should I call to get the appropriate help?

112 is phone number of Georgian Emergency and Operative Response Center. You can call an Ambulance, Police, Fire and Rescue brigades.

Is it possible to drink tap water or should I buy bottle water?

You can drink tap water everywhere in Georgia except in the places where there is a sign not to drink it

Is it all-inclusive, or will I have to pay additional admission fees?

Only if you have any additional wishes that aren’t included in the tour.

What can I add or change in the tour?
You can modify the tour according you need and interests, write us on email and we will help you to organize the trip you want
How can I customize the tour and add or change any activity?

While booking the tour, write us about your wishes and changes you want to make in the tour.

What is the individual tour?

With the individual you can freely build your own tour fitting your interests and wishes

While in Georgia, how can I get help if I need anything?

If you need anything, you can call or text anyone from our team

Where does the tour pick up and drop off?

At the airport or any pre-arranged place

How can I pay?

You can book the tour on the page where you will have to pick the date, fill in the form and write us any additional need or wish that you have. After you book the tour you will get confirmation email… (Finish this)


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